TV Series 

The Advocate

Celebrity trauma survivor Ruby Jones clings to sanity and fame as an advocate for abused women. As her methods come to mirror her abuser, and her past threatens to expose her, the line between sinner and saint comes crashing down.

Having survived a life of trauma as a trafficked prostitute, Ruby Jones has built an empire on her image as the black Mother Teresa; a feel good story in our world of negative news. The masses want good to overcome evil and Ruby is happy to offer that hope… but ‘trauma is forever’. Behind the scenes, Ruby is a mental mess wrapped in a camera ready package. She can’t move past her fantasies of becoming the Bad Man who broke her. In a rescue gone horribly wrong, she is forced to relive the trauma she had been repressing. In that pain and suffering, she chooses violence. She embraces violence. Even when the victims don’t want her help, delivering justice by her own hand 

Currently in development


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