TV Series

Hats Off

A podcast/talk show that allows Christian women to be free to talk about issues in their lives – issues that are usually not discussed because of the fear of being judged. “Hats Off” is a show where women can talk about sex, relationship, parenting, and how current events impact Christian women. A judge-free and supported platform, where discussing their real and raw lives can help someone else take their “Hat Off’ to begin healing.

Tonier Cain, a trauma survivor and trauma expert, featured in the documentary “Behind Closed Doors: Trauma Survivors in the Psychiatric System, subject and Co-Producer of Award-Winning film “Healing Neen”, Executive Producer of the film “Walking Thru Bullets”, Producer of the film “The Unseen Village”, and Advisor of the film “Like Any Other Kid”, Tonier is an author, an advocate and educator who speaks all over the world on trauma, addiction, incarceration, homelessness, substance abuse and mental health, and spirituality. She was featured in many articles, including December’s 2014 issue of Ebony Magazine. She has been a guest on over 17 talks shows, has days named after her by three governors, and a mayor, and she is the recipient of several awards for her tireless efforts. Guest Hosts: A variety of Christian women.


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